Alamo Women's Health is here to help you on planning your family and birth control needs. We provide the full range of contraceptive methods and options and can tailor them to your specific needs.  Click on the links below to learn more about each effective method we offer to help you control your fertility.


  • Oral contraceptives (the pill)
    Multiple varieities and options available

  • Depo-Provera (the injection)

  • Nuva Ring- vaginal once a month ring insert,
    comparable to birth control pills


  • Intrauterine Devices
    - Skyla    offers 3 year protection against pregnancy
    - Mirena    offers 5 year protection against pregnancy and FDA approved for treating heavy menses.
    - Paragard  offers 10 year non-hormonal protection against pregnancy
    Inserted devices into the uterine cavity, with and without hormones to thickened cervical mucus and reduce ability to conceive.  
    ​98-99% effective at preventing pregnancy
    comparable to sterilizaiton
    ​safe for breastfeeding moms


  • Nexplanon  Small 4cm implantable contraceptive rod
    that provides the most effective form of birth control
    >99% effective
    placed in non-dominant arm
    avoids insertion in uterus
    ​safe for breastfeeding

  • Sterilization
    - Laparoscopic sterilization​

We offer all these contraceptive options through all of our clinics.  If you are ready to take control of your fertility, schedule an appointment today.  Please call 210-426-3663.