GYNECOLOGY-Keeping your body healthy

We want you to have a healthy body and mind.  Keeping you healthy is our number one goal.  

At Alamo Women's Health we strongly encourage routine visits called annual well-woman examinations.  Women that are sexually active over the age of 18 should be seen every year to ensure health and to help detect problems early. 
Our well-woman examinations offer a comprehensive assessment of your body and sexual health.  We adhere to the latest guidelines by ACOG 2017 recommendations for annual well woman exam. 

Pelvic examination consists usually with the following studies and according to patient preference of testing.
Liquid based pap smear test with HPV (human papilloma virus) testing
Sexually transmitted infection testing
Breast examination
Education on health

​In addition to annual well woman exams, Alamo Women's Health provides a wide full range of services to keep you healthy. 
Preventative health care
Pre-conceptual counseling
Screening and testing for pelvic infections
Contraceptionand family planning
Infertility evaluation
Adolescent gynecology (earliest age is 12 years old)
Diagnosis and Management of Endometriosis
Urinary incontinence
Sexuality and Sexual Health
Bone density scans
​Familial Cancer screening using Myriad technologies
- COLARIStesting for hereditary colon cancer or Lynch syndrome
- BRCA 1 & 2 testing for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.
- OVA 1testing for ovarian cancer.

Sometimes, conditions that affect your health, fertility or menstruation may require surgical evaluation or treatment.  We offer a full array of surgical approaches and alternatives to get you back to better health.