At Alamo Women's health, we offer the knowledge and experience to help you add to your family.  If you have had difficulty trying to conceive there sometimes may be a problem keeping you from becoming pregnant.  Some women may be able to become pregnant but have a hard time staying pregnant.  These problems can be difficult for a couple to deal with.  We can provide in depth counseling, testing and basic reproductive medical strategies that may help you become or stay pregnant.  

Evaluating and Treating Infertility
-Basic laboratory analysis including thyroid status
-Evaluation of uterine cavity and tubes
-Male factor infertility
-Assess ovulation

Induction of Ovulation
​The use of hormones to assist ovulation and to maintain healthy hormone levels, which support a successful pregnancy. 

HYSTEROSALPINGOGRAM- Test used to evaluate if uterine cavity malformations exist and evaluates fallopian tubes.

Hysteroscopy/ Laparoscopy to evaluate for tubal factor infertility, chromopertubation, uterine abnormalities that can make becoming or staying pregnant difficult. Study allows for anatomy examination of the uterus and cavity for detection of abnormalities such as tumors, polyps and fibroids. 

Diagnosis of male factor infertility using semen analysis and Anti-Mullerian factor.

If unable to detect a correctable problem or help you get pregnant with basic assisted reproductive techniques, we will provide appropriate referrals for Advanced Reproductive technology and specialists.

Nothing makes becoming pregnant and losing the pregnancy more heartbreaking than not knowing why.  We can offer testing procedures to assess if there is a reversible cause that can avoid this from recurring. 

If you are ready to add to your family call us at (210) 426-3663 to schedule an appointment at any one of our offices.