Menopausal management

At Alamo Women's health, we pride ourselves in providing care through all stages of life including Menopause.  The "change of life" involves more than changes in your menstrual cycles and having hot flushes.  It also includes increased risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, changes in sexual function and enjoyment.

​Hormone testing
Hormone replacement therapy
Non-hormonal therapy
Sexual counseling

​-Annual well woman exams
-Cancer screening
-Evaluation and treatment of prolapse
-Evaluation and treatment of incontinence
-Bone density scans DEXA SCAN

There is no need to suffer through vasomotor symptoms of the perimenopause and menopausal stages.  Hot Flushes, Night sweats, memory issues, vaginal dryness and low libido can be very frustrating.  Our physicians can offer individualized  treatment plans including natural, non-hormonal and hormonal therapies to alleviate your symptoms and help you begin enjoying your life.


Bone health and changes occur throughout your lifetime.  Bone loss starts in the perimenopause and accelerates after menopause unless you are engaged in preventive therapy.

What does osteoporosis mean?  A fracture is not just a fracture.  Weakened bones are at greater risk of fracture that can lead to chronic pain, back curvature, loss of mobility and increase risk of other medical conditions.

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