Preventive care

Part of keeping you healthy is to prevent diseases before they can attack your body and health.  We want you to have a healthy body and mind.  Keeping you healthy is our number one goal. 

Gardasil- Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine
​     A safe FDA approved vaccine to help prevent cervical cancer.  It protects against the 4 most notorious strains of HPV that cause cervical cancer.  Designed for females age 9-26 years of age. 

Tdap- Tetanus-Diptheria and Pertussis vaccine
      Pertussis or whopping cough is making a resurgence.  The greatest risk is newborn babies.   Pregnant women and people that will be around the newborn should receive this vaccine. Offered through pharmacy affiliates. 

Flu vaccine- Influenza vaccine
      Seasonal flu vaccine is a safe, FDA approved vaccination for all women even if pregnant.  Influenza infection still accounts for sickness and deaths in the U.S. and prevention is key and readily available. Each season starts in September. 


A bone density scan is a safe painless test to determine the density and structural integrity of your bones.  It determines your density based on World Health Organization criteria as a T and Z score.  It can tell us the ptoential risk for major fracture from one of the major bones.  It can determine if normal, slightly weak (osteopenia) or very weak (osteoporosis) and risk for fracture.  Depending on the location, a fracture can lead to pain, difficulty walking or standing erect and decrease longitivity.  


A breast screening mammogram is best performed annual after the age of 40.  In conjunction with a clinical breast exam during your annual well woman exam, it can help screen for early problems in the breast. When it comes to breast cancer, 1 in every 8 women are at risk.  The earlier a problem is detected, the better the outcome has been statistically shown to be. 

Bone density scans
​Cancer screening

Sometimes, conditions that affect your health, fertility, menstruation require surgical evaluation or treatment.  We offer a full array of surgical approaches and alternatives.