My body


We want you to have a healthy body. Keeping you healthy is our primary goal.  At Alamo Women's Health we strongly encourage routine visits called annual well-woman examinations.   


Below is a compilation of the comprehensive services we provide.

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Staying healthy

[Menopausal Health care]

​At Alamo Women's health, we pride ourselves in providing care through all stages of life including Menopause.  The "change of life" involves more than changes in your menstrual cycles and having hot flushes.  It also includes increased risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, changes in sexual function and enjoyment.


We offer a multitude of procedures to keep you healthy.  These procedures provide you safe, efficient, lower cost alternatives with the staff you are familiar with.  From diagnostic testing to treatment procedures to remove disease, we can provide you all these options at our locations throughout San Antonio. ​

Control my fertility

[family planning & contraception]

Alamo Women's Health is here to help you on planning your family and birth control needs.   We offer a full array of contraceptive pills, implants, IUDs, and sterilization procedures to help in your fertility needs and choice.  




Our top notch surgeons offer a variety of surgical procedures to remove disease and improve health. We offer multiple venues that provide you with convenience and safety.  We try to employ minimally invasive techniques to help treat you.  These methods including robotic surgery that offer quicker recovery, improved safety, less pain and a faster return to your life. ​

Preventing disease

[Preventative Medicine]

What is more important than treating and curing disease?  

PREVENTING IT!   We encourage and offer important health interventions such as annual exams, weight loss management, mammograms, vaccinations and much more.  Be healthy by actively staying healthy.

 bladder health


We offer a full array of tests and services to maintain your bladder health to resolve urine leakage and bladder prolapse issues.  Maintaining bladder control is more than controlling urine leaks, it means freedom from embarrassing episodes, improved self image, and having your life back. 


My pregnancy


Congratulations on the upcoming newest member of your family!  Alamo Women's Health is a leader in prenatal care in San Antonio.  We tailor your care and pregnancy experience to you and guide you during your path, whether it be your first or your last pregnancy desired.